Care for your wrap and graphics is essential and will extend the like and look of your investment. Use a cleaner designed for high-quality painted surfaces. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents.

Power Washing Graphics

Power/Pressure washing, may be used. However, aggressive washing can damage the graphic.

Excessive pressure during power washing can damage the graphic by forcing water underneath the graphic. Water lessens the adhesion of the graphic to the substrate allowing the graphic to lift or curl. Never Power Wash Perforated Window Graphic Film.

When power washing, follow these important steps:

  • Use a spray nozzle with a 40 degree wide spray pattern.
  • Be sure the spray nozzle includes a nozzle protector or tip guard.
  • Use a maximum pressure of 1500 psi.
  • If the system is heated, limit the water temperature to 180°F
  • Hold nozzle at least 24 inches away from and perpendicular to the graphic.
  • Do not direct the water stream at a sharp angle to the edge of the graphic

Automatic Brush Washing

Automatic brush washing may be used, but keep these two points in mind:

  • Brushes can catch a loose edge of the graphic and cause further damage to the graphic.
  • Brushes can dull the finish of the graphic.
  • Touch-less Car Washes are preferred and safe.

Hand Washing Exterior Graphics

  • Flush the graphic with clean water to remove loose dirt particles. A trigger-type hose nozzle works well.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent and water solution and wash the graphic with a soft brush, rag or sponge
  • Wash thoroughly from the top down.
  • Avoid abrading the graphic by unnecessary scrubbing.
  • After applying the cleaning solution, rinse to wash away dirt particles.
  • Allow to air dry

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