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At Innovative Signs, we specialize in high-end, customized unique wayfinding, ADA Braille signage. We provide several product options to match the specific design and quality needs of any interior or exterior environment. From new construction to existing buildings and renovations, our team can guide you through the process while providing ADA expertise and the highest quality signage to meet your Milwaukee-area building needs.

All businesses need wayfinding, ADA, Braille signage for their guests, employees and to be compliant with building requirements. The purpose of ADA and Braille signage is to successfully provide ‘wayfinding’ aid and to make public businesses accessible to the blind, visually impaired, and mobility impaired. 

Wayfinding is defined as directing an individual along a path and assisting them in arriving at their destination. This is achieved by marking and defining all rooms that are open to the public, such as restrooms, stairwells, and elevators–as well as providing directional guidance on how to locate specific places within or outside of your building.

What Rooms Require ADA Signage and What is Wayfinding Anyway?

ADA-compliant signage provides vital wayfinding information to the blind, visually impaired, and mobility-impaired so that they can easily navigate through a building.

The ADA sets design standards for signs that identify a room, space, or area, as well as, signs that relay relevant information about public settings. ADA signage is required by law for facilities and buildings, both public and private, with ten or more employees.

In general, ADA-compliant signs feature a non-glare finish, raised letters, graphics, braille, and other tactile elements.

Required ADA Signage in buildings: Restrooms, Utility Rooms, Exits, Classrooms, Stairs, Floor Numbers, Meeting, Conference and Common rooms

Wayfinding Identifiers = Efficiency

When visitors can find their way easily through your property and building, they’ll become less frustrated and more satisfied with their experience. Of course, for store and restaurant & hospitality owners, well-positioned wayfinding signage can often mean the difference between a one-time visitor and a repeat customer!

Other Benefits of Wayfinding

  • Letting Visitors know where to go
  • Improving customer experience
  • Extending your brand awareness
  • Health & Safety
  • Easy and accurate guidance
  • Boost business
  • Locate fast and efficiently

Contact Us Today to Learn More About ADA Braille and Wayfinding Signs!

When you are looking to improve visitor experience through wayfinding and ADA signs, we have project managers experienced in consulting, designing, branding, and attaching various signs for buildings. We are also experts in ADA-compliant signs and will help you identify the right mounting locations and heights as set forth by the Disabilities Act. Contact us today to speak with one of our project managers.


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