There are so many reasons for a high-quality company rebrand. Whether you are repositioning yourself in your market, merging, or acquiring and needing to present a unified front, expanding, or even just feeling a little outdated, rebranding means reevaluating and updating your company’s public persona to make sure it aligns with your current goals, market conditions, and customer expectations. 

Here’s a case study of how Innovative Signs can help you with your rebranding project. 

Company Rebrand Landmark Credit Union

At A Glance


  •  Innovative Signs has an ambitious timeline to conduct site surveys, obtain sign permits, and manufacture and install signage for 38 locations in the Greater Milwaukee area for Landmark Credit Union.


  • The project is ongoing. Despite holidays, winter Wisconsin weather, and a full load of client projects, the project is on pace to be completed by May 2024.
  • Exemplary communication between
    • Corporate
    • Municipality
    • Internal stakeholders

The Challenge

38 Locations Across Wisconsin

Innovative Signs is supporting Landmark Credit Union through their company rebrand, updating signage at 38 locations in Southeastern Wisconsin. Landmark required updates to their monument, channel letter, and directional signage at each location. 

Innovative Action

To get this job done on time and at the highest quality, Innovative Signs utilized multiple departments to get this project underway.

Conducting Site Surveys at Each Location

We conducted preliminary measurements and quantified sign needs at each location, submitting formal estimates.

Obtaining Sign Permits

We obtained permits from each ordinance. This takes between 2-4 weeks.

Manufacturing and Installing Signage

We manufactured monuments, channel letters, and directional signage in-house. Our installation crews worked around the clock to install the signs at each location.

Great Results

Despite the Wisconsin elements, holidays, and commitments to numerous other clients, the project is ongoing, with an estimated completion in April 2024.

Project Lead Shaun Relken continues coordinating communication between corporate stakeholders, local municipalities, and Innovative Signs’ internal departments, including design, manufacturing, print production, and installation.

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