The most important part of painting signs is the prep work!

Sanding down the surface first will allow the next step of primer to adhere properly.  Using high quality paint is recommended for the best adhesion.  If you want sign paint perfection, we lightly scuff the sign to ensure the paint will stick to the surface.  Most importantly, taking tack cloth to the sign to remove dust and particles before priming and after priming is very important.   We also recommend 2 coats of paint with proper time for drying between each coat.  On average 15-20 minutes of drying time between coats is sufficient.  Adding reducer to the paint will increase durability and simply adjust the paint for good coverage.   Often, we add thinner or hardener to enhance the cure to fully finish the sign.  Best practice: We let the sign sit 24 hours for the paint to cure.

If these proper steps are not followed you can bet that the paint will peel off ‘like wallpaper’ (like you will see in the video).  We fixed this sign by following the proper process with high quality paint, reducer and catalyst which cures to dry.