Obtaining sign installation permits is a crucial step in the process of erecting signage within any locality. At Innovative Signs, we have 20+ years of industry experience under our belts. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to navigate this often intricate procedure effectively. 

Familiarize Yourself with Local Regulations:

Begin by thoroughly understanding the sign regulations specific to your locality. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules that outline various aspects such as sign dimensions, placement, materials, and lighting. Accessing local zoning codes or consulting with the planning department can provide invaluable insights.

Ask yourself, “Is the business zoned for the specific type of sign your client wants to install?”

Compile Necessary Documentation:

Sign Installation Permits

Now, it’s time to get the application started. Gather all your required paperwork, including detailed sign drawings or renderings and specifications outlining dimensions and materials. Many cities require two copies of your sign design documents. You may even need approval from architects or engineers. Don’t let this deter you – having an up-to-date checklist of the items you need to assemble will help you get it done while also building relationships with relevant stakeholders. Take extra care to complete the permit application forms accurately, and be sure to review it carefully before you submit. 

Electrical Permits

Don’t forget your electrical signage permits, especially for LED channel letter signs. You’ll need this permit to allow power to your client’s sign. You’ll need this permit IN ADDITION TO your sign permit, so don’t skip this step, if it applies to your specific project! 


Ask yourself, “Do I have all of the required permits, signatures, paperwork, and design documents ready for this application?”

Engage with Local Authorities:

Initiate communication with relevant authorities, such as the planning department or building code officials, to review your plans and address any potential concerns. Building positive relationships with these stakeholders can facilitate a smoother permit acquisition process.

Budget for Sign Installation Permit Fees:

Anticipate and allocate funds for permit fees, which can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Being financially prepared ensures that you can cover the associated costs without delays. Getting sign permits can be a lengthy process – don’t hold it up by not paying your bill. 

Exercise Patience during Processing:

After you submit, be patient as local government agencies process your application. Permit approval timelines can fluctuate based on workload and administrative procedures. We know. Waiting is hard.

Adhere to Permit Conditions:

Once you receive approval, make sure you follow the conditions outlined in your permit. Following approved plans and complying with any stipulations lessens the risk of encountering regulatory issues post-installation.

By following these systematic steps and maintaining open communication with local authorities, sign companies can navigate the permit acquisition process with confidence and efficiency.

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