What file formats are acceptable?

Innovative Signs accepts print-ready files in any of the following formats: (Vector).eps, .ai, .pdf (Raster) .jpg or .tif, .ps, .psd. For raster image files we would like to see 150 or higher DPI. Vector artwork is preferred and will limit design time related charges.

*If you right-click on most online graphics, you are selecting and saving a low resolution web image that will not be accepted. Saving files in different formats will not increase the quality.

What is the difference between Raster & Vector artwork?

Raster image size: Pixel-by-pixel data is a lot of information to store, and can really start to stack up on high-quality images.
Raster image quality on re-size: When you re size a raster image, the data doesn't scale well; if you shrink it, you lose pixel data as larger areas merge into smaller ones. If you enlarge it, you end up with a jagged image as single-pixel data has to expand to fill multiple pixels via messy interpolation.

Vector image size: File size for vector graphics is typically small and easy to email. Pantone® colors can also be embedded in this artwork.
Vector image quality on re-size: When you re-size a vector image, the data scales seamlessly. You can increase or decrease size without losing quality.

How will the final printed job compare to my uploaded artwork file?

The color may vary, depending on how you submitted your files. The color on the screen cannot be guaranteed to match the finished product because every monitor can be calibrated differently. In addition, screen colors are represented in RGB, while printing colors are represented in CMYK. The color mode of submitted files must be CMYK or Pantone® to maximize color quality. If your files are submitted using any other color standard, such as RGB, they will be converted to CMYK during preflighting. Conversion from one color standard to another may cause colors to shift. For best results, we recommend that you submit your files in Pantone® Coated and reference them when you speak to the sales associate.

How can large artwork files be sent over?

Artwork files too large to email (greater than 8mb) can be sent to us via Dropbox.com or any other free FTP service. In addition, CD, DVD or thumb drives can be dropped off or mailed to our office any time.

For help with this process or for any additional graphics related questions, please call 262-432-1330 and speak with a member of our design department.