In a time where we can ask Google to guide us to our next destination, online orders arrive at your home the same day and Alexa can pull up your pants in the morning (not quite). Sometimes we need a refresher on organizing and just plain remembering things. This applies to any profession.

In the signage world and for the crazy (but hard working😉) people that work in it, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a job and seeing our creation come to life. However, as a project manager there are several steps that MUST be done prior to make sure the install goes off without a hitch. The major bummer is that sometimes, you can only learn this through your mistakes.

From the beginning of the job to completion, communication is vital in order to have a successful sign installation. A detailed survey of the building is important to know how we will not only fabricate the sign but install it. Of course, every building isn’t the same nor electrical access or lack thereof. This brings me to my next point; Find out who the general contractor’s electrician is and simply call them. If this is a new build (new construction) you can utilize the GC’s electrician without having to contract it out yourself. Go to the job site and meet with the electrician to show where you need electrical run to, circuit requirements and making sure it’s accessible to the sign on the day of installation.

I can go on and on about this but there’s no sense in boring anyone to death. The main take away is that you’re only as good as your last job and its human nature for one to remember mistakes more than successes. Naturally that’s how we grow and become better as people but that also means to stay consistent, persistent, detailed and efficient (you can rhyme this in your head if you’d like). Lastly, cover your booties!! If need be, you have documentation as proof of your due diligence. Find that balance of keeping your customers happy while running all projects smoothly.

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