Case Study: Installation at First Business Bank

Installation Project Summary


  • Original building construction didn’t support desired exterior signage.
  • Project required coordinating Glass, Steel, and Electrical to support signage

Great Results

  • Coordinated permitting and installation alongside various other contractor schedules.
  • Installation within 1 day of completed contractor work on the building
  • Crane rental for sign install
  • Duration of Installation: 4 Hours


The Installation Problem

A seemingly simple signage project turned troublesome when First Business Bank discovered its office location could not support the desired signage.

Located within a building that houses multiple businesses, First Business Bank needed to install a sign on top of exterior windows.

The goal was to install a Raceway Mounted Illuminated Channel Letter sign that was 31 inches tall and 29 feet wide. The final product would attract attention from traffic traveling both east & westbound on Highway 94.

The solution to this problem wouldn’t be so simple. Windows aren’t designed to bear the weight of a large sign. This building was constructed to only include signage along the top of the building. This meant that supporting weight and providing electrical to an exterior sign on the fourth floor would take some problem-solving.

Innovative Action

Innovative Signs doesn’t shy away from a challenge. This project took cooperation with multiple stakeholders so that First Business Bank could make a strong first impression. What appeared to be a simple sign install required an innovative solution.

General Contractor Coordination – CG Schmidt

CG Schmidt managed coordination with:

  • Glass: Klein Dickert installed a window mullion to support the sign.
  • Electrical: Electricians ran power to the location so the sign could illuminate.
  • Steel Support Beam: The GC also managed the installation of a steel support beam to bear the weight of the sign.
  • Engineering: Engineers were called in to assess that the sign could be safely installed.

Permitting and Installation

Innovative Signs managed the sign permitting and installation for the project. The Innovative Signs teams worked with the general contractor to ensure the sign could be installed immediately after the preliminary work was completed. They also rented a crane to install the sign.

The Result

In an installation that only took 4 hours to complete, Innovative Signs installed the Illuminated Channel Letter Sign on the glass exterior of the First Business Bank building just one day after the preliminary work was completed. Innovative Signs coordinated to ensure the sign could be installed as soon as all building requirements were met.