Most companies play it safe when it comes to sign placement, but thinking outside the box can help you create a visual impact for potential clients.  There are several ways you can create unexpected signage to really get your brand across to clients.

Main identification signs are the face of the company, providing you the most noticeable opportunity for an unexpected sign.  One idea for an unexpected main identification sign is to use a projecting sign.  Projecting signs allow you to use custom shapes and hardware to present the company logo in a prominent way.  Projecting signs increase visibility by allowing a line of site in multiple directions.  An alternative approach to create a really unique main identification sign is to use the architecture of your building to place your sign in a really distinctive way.  Using the corners of the building, or spaces within the building façade will give you a truly unique look.

Vinyl signage is versatile and allows you to give clients unexpected signage in unexpected places.  Window vinyl and floor vinyl allow you to place signage in areas that you would normally be unable use.  You can use creative elements such as typography and shadows to present your client with unexpected brand messages.  Window and floor vinyl give you marketing opportunities that draw attention and can easily be changed.

Wayfinding and lobby signs are another area where you can create unexpected visual impact.  Using dimensional signage, projecting signage, or wall vinyl will turn necessary, and normally mundane, directional signage into a work of art.  These unexpected elements help you carry your brand image throughout your entire facility.  Consider using directional signage to communicate your brand to clients.

If you are looking for creative answers to your signage needs, feel free to talk to one of our talented designers.  We also offer an idea board on Pinterest follow the link below to see some creative signage options.