Strict exterior signage rules in a number of communities and business buildings leave little leeway for creatively sharing your brand identity with consumers.  Communicating your brand identity is very important in a competitive market.  A visual identity gives people something to recognize and remember.  It is important that your visual identity share your company’s personality and stand out against competitors. This is where interior acrylic signs can help.

One creative way to share this brand is through the use of interior acrylic signs.  The main benefit of acrylic signs have overpainted or vinyl signs are that the dimensional look makes them more noticeable.  Some added benefits of acrylic signs are; they are lightweight and durable, can be custom painted, metal laminate can be used to give the same look as metal at a fraction of the cost, and frosted vinyl options give the look of etched glass at a more cost-effective price.

Acrylic signs are made from plastic sheets, also known as plexiglass.  The signs can have a matte or glossy finish.  Matte finish is often preferred to avoid glare on the sign.  One option for interior acrylic signs is to use precision cut acrylic letters.  Acrylic letters are great for company logo signs, company mottos, or wayfinding for large facilities such as hospitals, universities, and large retail stores.   Another acrylic option is to use a logo panel for the company entryway.  The logo panel can be flush mounted or pad and stud mounted to add dimension.  The acrylic panel can also be routed to a custom shape to enhance your company logo.

Innovative Signs has the expertise you need to create an interior acrylic sign that shares your company’s visual brand.  Contact us today to learn more about interior acrylic signs & how they can help communicate your visual brand identity.