When designing a sign that has words and letters, picking a font can be a challenge (and also fun!)

If you’re not aware, there are thousands of fonts available in several different categories.  Three of the main categories are: Serif, Sans Serif and Script.

Serif fonts have a footer on the letters.  A footer is a horizontal mark and the top/bottom of the stroke of the letter.  They give a slightly “formal” appearance and are great to use when there is a lot of text needed.  They can also convey and old style feel.

Sans Serif fonts do not have footers.  The letters have a clean line and can be very easy to read. They tend to also be a little more modern.  Sans Serif letters are a great choice for text on a sign.

Script fonts replicate handwriting and cursive.  They are curvy and sometimes formal letters — think of a wedding invitation or a typewritten signature on the bottom of a business letter.  While these fonts are very aesthetically pleasing, they can also be difficult to read – especially from a distance.  Script fonts are not always a good choice for signs.

So what fonts do work well on signs?  Some of the popular fonts used in signage are:






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