Somewhere Over the Rainbow….

Color.  Something so simple, yet so powerful that it can evoke emotions and responses in people.  There are many studies out there on how different colors play a role in consumer behavior.

So you may wonder how do you choose a color for your sign to represent your company?  There’s no right answer, but here’s a general overview on how colors are perceived and in which industries they are viewed favorably.

RED – A warm color.  Associated with Power, Aggressiveness, Love, Energy, Attention grabbing. A common color associated with Sales.

PURPLE – A cool color.  Can feel Royal, Rich, Mysterious, and symbolize Sophistication.  Its richness can bring out the perception of elegance.

BLUE – A cool color.  Commonly viewed as a “sad” color, but also relates to Dependability, Trust and Security.  Since it’s the color of the sky and the ocean, it also can have a calming effect.

GREEN – A cool color.  Wealth, Health and Prestige are associated with green.  It is the color of grass and nature also comes off as Serene.

YELLOW – A warm color.  Often related to feelings of Positivity, Happiness, Joy and Warmth.  Its brightness can really catch the eye of consumers.

ORANGE – A warm color.  Brings out feelings of Fun, Vitality and Playfulness.  Orange is a combination of the energy of yellow and the boldness of red.

BROWN – A neutral color.  Natural, Earthy and Durable are some words that come to mind.  Although those are positive words, people tend to relate brown to dirt.

BLACK – A neutral color.  Associated with Value, Prestige and Timelessness.  Commonly used to boast classic sophistication.

WHITE – A neutral color.  Can create a sense of Clean, Soft and Pure.  Since it represents cleanliness and purity, it’s often used in healthcare and childcare industries.


-          Popular Colors: Blue, Green Yellow

-          Questionable Colors: Brown, White

-          Unpopular Colors: Red, Purple, Orange, Black


-          Popular Colors: Purple, Blue, Green

-          Unpopular Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black, White


-          Popular Colors: Blue

-          Questionable Colors: Purple, White

-          Unpopular Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black


-          Popular Colors: Red, Green, Yellow

-          Questionable Colors: Purple, Orange, Brown

-          Unpopular Colors: Blue, Black, White


-          Popular Colors: Green, Yellow

-          Questionable Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Brown, Black, White


-          Popular Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Black

-          Questionable Colors: White

-          Unpopular Colors: Yellow, Brown


-          Popular Colors: Purple, Blue, Orange, White

-          Questionable Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Brown

-          Unpopular Colors: Black


-          Popular Colors: Brown, Black, White

-          Questionable Colors: Purple

-          Unpopular Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange


-          Popular Colors: Red, Brown, Black

-          Questionable Colors: Purple, White

-          Unpopular Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange


-          Popular Colors: Red, Blue, Brown

-          Questionable Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White

-          Unpopular Colors: Purple


If you need some help getting your company’s colors out there for the world to see, we can help you with your signage needs!