Color. Something so simple, yet so powerful that it can evoke emotions and responses in people. There are many studies out there on how different colors play a role in consumer behavior.

So you may wonder how do you choose a color for your sign to represent your company? There’s no right answer, but here’s a general overview on how colors are perceived and in which industries they are viewed favorably.

RED – A warm color. Associated with Power, Aggressiveness, Love, Energy, Attention grabbing. A common color associated with Sales.

PURPLE – A cool color. Can feel Royal, Rich, Mysterious, and symbolize Sophistication. Its richness can bring out the perception of elegance.

BLUE – A cool color. Commonly viewed as a “sad” color, but also relates to Dependability, Trust and Security. Since it’s the color of the sky and the ocean, it also can have a calming effect.

GREEN – A cool color. Wealth, Health and Prestige are associated with green. It is the color of grass and nature also comes off as Serene.

YELLOW – A warm color. Often related to feelings of Positivity, Happiness, Joy and Warmth. Its brightness can really catch the eye of consumers.

ORANGE – A warm color. Brings out feelings of Fun, Vitality and Playfulness. Orange is a combination of the energy of yellow and the boldness of red.

BROWN – A neutral color. Natural, Earthy and Durable are some words that come to mind. Although those are positive words, people tend to relate brown to dirt.

BLACK – A neutral color. Associated with Value, Prestige and Timelessness. Commonly used to boast classic sophistication.

WHITE – A neutral color. Can create a sense of Clean, Soft and Pure. Since it represents cleanliness and purity, it’s often used in healthcare and childcare industries.


– Popular Colors: Blue, Green Yellow

– Questionable Colors: Brown, White

– Unpopular Colors: Red, Purple, Orange, Black


– Popular Colors: Purple, Blue, Green

– Unpopular Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black, White


– Popular Colors: Blue

– Questionable Colors: Purple, White

– Unpopular Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Black


– Popular Colors: Red, Green, Yellow

– Questionable Colors: Purple, Orange, Brown

– Unpopular Colors: Blue, Black, White


– Popular Colors: Green, Yellow

– Questionable Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Brown, Black, White


– Popular Colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Black

– Questionable Colors: White

– Unpopular Colors: Yellow, Brown


– Popular Colors: Purple, Blue, Orange, White

– Questionable Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Brown

– Unpopular Colors: Black


– Popular Colors: Brown, Black, White

– Questionable Colors: Purple

– Unpopular Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange


– Popular Colors: Red, Brown, Black

– Questionable Colors: Purple, White

– Unpopular Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange


– Popular Colors: Red, Blue, Brown

– Questionable Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White

– Unpopular Colors: Purple


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