A creative and collaborative environment can bring out the best in your employees and clients.  Interior signage is a great place to start when creating a unique business environment.

Reception signs, inspirational wall graphics, and wall displays are all great ways to create a unique workspace.  One idea is to create a timeline that illustrates your company’s growth.  We recently designed a timeline display for KS Energy services. The display combined wall graphics, prints, and stand-offs to create a dimensional display unique to their company.  The end result was a wall display that truly showcased their company’s growth.

Having your company mission statement or core values exhibited on your office wall is another way to use interior wall signs to create a unique look.  This idea allows employees and customers to easily see what your company is all about.  An example of this is a core value display wall that we recently designed for our client, Winter Services.  To create this display we used frosted acrylic panels with etching marked vinyl that really gives a feel of what the company does and values.

We would love to help create a unique display to help cultivate a creative environment in your workspace.  Contact one of our designers for some unique interior sign ideas.