The end of Daylight Savings is a great time to perform maintenance on your sign.  Use this opportunity to make sure your sign is lighting properly and gives a great first impression.

  • Time Clock – If your signs aren’t coming on at the proper time, or at all, the first thing you need to do is make sure the time clock switch is set to the proper “on” time.  You can also check the circuit breaker to see if it has been thrown or turned off.
  • Inspection – Inspect your sign for loose or broken faces.  Examine for any open wiring, broken fixtures, or loose foundations.  These items should be addressed immediately.
  • Outages – If you have lamp outages, replacing lamps as soon as possible will reduce overall cost because the need for ballast or transformer replacement will be minimized.
  • Re-lamping – Consider re-lamping your signs and lighting if they are over four years old, even if all the lights are not out.  This will save you money on return service trips.
  • After Dark – Inspect signs and lighting after dark to ensure all are lighting properly.  Night inspections are important to maintain curb appeal.
  • Surface Maintenance – Check any painted poles, cabinets, and faces for paint that is cracked, chipped, faded or peeling.  Touch up paint and a good cleaning can make your signs look fresh and new again.