Many of us are self-proclaimed “Do-it-yourselfers”.  We like the sense of accomplishment the hands-on approach gives and saving a few bucks doesn’t hurt either.  Before you are tempted to save budget dollars with “do-it-yourself sign design” consider the advantages of using a professional graphic designer.

A professional designer saves you time; they know their field and are familiar with things like bleed so that you don’t need to be.  They have the experience to properly place pictures and text creating a layout that attracts your customer’s attention. The average customer may not be able to tell you why they prefer one sign over another, but their subconscious mind picks up details and uses them to form an opinion of your business.   A professional designer will create a unique and consistent look, making your brand stand out in a crowd.

Your identity is one of your most valuable assets.  Your sign is often the first glimpse potential customers have of what your business is all about.  Instead of thinking of sign design as an expense, think of it as an investment in your company’s image.  Allow our award-winning design department to help create a unique and consistent look for your company. Contact us today to get started with your sign design!