With all the time-demanding tasks there are running a business, sign maintenance and repair is often overlooked.  As the first impression of your company’s brand, it is important to take the time to make sure your company signage is working properly.

There are several sign maintenance items you should consider.  The most common maintenance problem with signs is improper lighting.  It is important to make sure your signs are properly lit and visible to customers.  Dim or partially lit signs can give leave a bad impression.  Another common maintenance problem with signs is fading or peeling faces.  If you have a sign face that needs to be refreshed it may be time for new vinyl or an updated face.  When there are changes to a company’s business hours, phone number, or website often the sign is overlooked.  Make sure your information on signs and door vinyl is updated.  You do not want to frustrate a customer with outdated information.  Lastly inspect sign hardware and posts to make sure they are in good condition.  Rusted hardware or peeling posts can be an eyesore need to be replaced or painted.  Do not let your sign investment go to waste due to improper sign maintenance.

Innovative Signs has experienced service technicians that can help you with all your sign maintenance needs.  We offer professional service that includes; outdoor sign and lighting repair, neon repair, parking lot lighting and under canopy repair, LED Conversions and repair, Digital Sign repair, free standing sign repair, and interior sign repair.  We hope you will contact us with your sign service needs.