With tradeshow season upon us, it is time to evaluate the effectiveness of your tradeshow space. Planning ahead and evaluating your current setup will help make sure your tradeshow marketing dollars are being used productively.

The first thing to evaluate is if the brand you are portraying is relevant.  If your company has recently had a rebrand or has added new products and services, make sure these are reflected in your tradeshow display. Make sure all contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and websites are correct. Giving customers relevant information and a cohesive image is key to creating sales leads.

Another important thing to evaluate is whether your booth is giving a good first impression of your products and services. If you notice that your display has seen better days, chances are shown attendees will notice too. A booth should be showcasing your company’s best image. If your booth is looking outdated and worn consider investing in an updated display and bright new graphics that will leave potential customers with a lasting impression.

When you are evaluating your tradeshow booth take time to reflect on your floor plan. Make sure your booth floor plan is open and conducive to networking. Creating an inviting and relaxing space will draw people in to learn more about your product.

Giving potential customers relevant information, a good first impression, and creating an inviting booth will help you turn tradeshow attendees into sales leads. Contact us today to learn more!