Are you tired of your dim, flickering sign and paying for the service calls to keep it running? If this is what you have been dealing with it is time for you to consider investing in LED conversion.

LED conversion is a great way to get the most out of your current sign. LED lighting is an improvement over fluorescent and neon signs because it will save you money. The primarily reason for the savings is due to the low voltage of LED lights leading to reduced energy costs. Durability and longer life add to the cost savings by minimizing maintenance costs. Another improvement that LED lighting has is dependable and vibrant lighting. In winter months neon brightness drops dramatically, compared with LED lighting that remains bright regardless of weather or temperature. Lastly LED lighting has the advantage of increased safety over neon and Fluorescent lighting. LED lighting does not contain the hazardous material mercury. Not having to worry about proper disposal of mercury is worth the investment of LED’s.

When you consider investing in LED conversion, examine the benefits of energy savings, dependable lighting and safety that LED’s offer. Weighing these benefits will help you see what a great return on investment LED conversion will be.

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