Many tradeshow exhibitors are discovering the benefits of fabric displays.  Fabric displays are an affordable option that offers benefits over traditional tradeshow displays.

Fabric displays are lightweight and portable.  They can be folded up for ease of transport to your next event and they take up limited storage between events.  Fabric displays eliminate glare and the potential of scratched or scuffed surfaces.  Fabric is a durable alternative that comes in wrinkle-free, stain-free and fade resistant options.

Most fabric displays are made with anodized aluminum tubing covered by a stretch fabric.  The use of lightweight aluminum gives you the ability to use taller displays or suspended displays.  The material allows for creative shapes and even curved structures.  Fabrics give a vibrant sophisticated look to your space.  Illumination can be added to fabric displays to add interest and dimension.

Fabric displays are lightweight, durable and vibrant explaining why many tradeshow exhibitors are taking advantage of this option.