Has an increase in digital signage caused  you to wonder if you should be taking advantage of this sign medium?  Evaluating the benefits of digital signage can help you determine if it is a proper fit for your business needs.

One great benefit of digital signage is that increases visibility.  You company signage is about building your brand and digital signage is no different.  Statistics gathered by Signad Network have found that digital video in public venues reach more Americans each month than online videos.  Signad Network also reports that the recall rate on digital displays are 52%; much higher than television, radio, or online banners.  Retail displays expose a larger audience to your marketing message.  The most important advantage this increased visibility has is that it is directed at buyers who are actually in your store ready to spend money.

Enhancing your customers experience is one of the primary reasons that companies utilize digital signage.  Digital signs give you freedom to create a memorable experience while creating a brand.  A digital sign located in a company lobby can be used to welcome guests and provide necessary wayfinding tools.  In a retail environment specials can be displayed to an already captive audience.  The ease of making changes allow a practical way to communicate with guests while maintaining and building your company brand.

Another benefit of a digital sign is the ability to display critical information to guests and employees.  Vital emergency information such as severe weather, exit locations, and community alerts can be displayed instantly.  The displays can also be used to communicate critical information to employees in a more time sensitive way.  Changes to policies, goals and safety information are just a few examples how the digital displays can be used to increase employee efficiency.

Increasing visibility, enhancing customer experience and providing critical communication are benefits of using digital signage.  Is it time for you to update to digital signage?