Brrrr…. It’s cold!  It’s that time of year to bring out your warm hat, gloves and thick coat.  Not many people enjoy being outside in the freezing cold and neither does your sign.

So what exactly can the winter weather do to your sign?

Problem:  My sign isn’t as bright as usual.

If you have a sign cabinet with fluorescent lamps, they contain mercury vapor which doesn’t always do the best with below-freezing temperature, which can ultimately cause things to not be as bright.

Solution: Consider the possibility of retrofitting with LED lights, which save energy, require less maintenance and don’t dim when it’s cold outside.

Problem:  My vinyl window decals aren’t adhering properly.

With colder temperatures under 45 degrees, vinyl window stickers can bubble and peel.

Solution: It’s not a bad idea to start planning in winter, but it might be best to wait until it warms up a bit before installing them.

Problem:  I’m missing changeable letters off my sign.

The bitter cold isn’t the only thing brought in by Mother Nature. There are also strong winds and snow storms which can blow off the interchangeable letters, which can lead to incomplete and confusing messages to your customers.  Not to mention, someone must brave the elements to change your messages.

Solution:  Have you considered investing in an Electronic Messaging System?  You could clearly and efficiently get your message out there and alleviate some of the issues above.

Problem:  It’s so dark so early!

Winter months bring shorter days with less daylight, which means it’s important to keep your signs lit and visible for longer periods of time.

Solution: Keep up on sign maintenance so your sign is at its best.  Check your time clock for any adjustments needed for the longer periods of darkness.

And if all else fails, you could always try bringing your sign a blanket and hot cup of cocoa and tell it to hang in there, Spring will be here soon!

Let us know if we can help you with any of your winter sign needs.