Thinking about a rebrand? Here is your sign. 

There are so many reasons your company might be considering a rebrand. Whether you are repositioning yourself in your market, merging or acquiring and needing to present a unified front, expanding, or even just feeling a little outdated, rebranding means reevaluating and updating your company’s public persona to make sure it aligns with your current goals, market conditions, and customer expectations. 

When a company undergoes a rebrand, it needs to update various types of signage to reflect its new identity and maintain brand consistency.

Here are the signs you’ll need for your company’s next rebrand. 

1. Rebrand Exterior Building Signs

Updating the prominent signage on your building should reflect your new brand identity. Illuminated channel letter signs are versatile and durable, and can get your company noticed day and night. Monument signs can also be essential for those driving to your location, highlighting your brand at eye level with nearby traffic. These are crucial for first impressions. Updating them ensures your company’s new brand identity is visible to the public.

2. Interior Lobby Signs

Once customers or clients step foot into your building, they need to experience the look and feel of your new brand identity. Changing lobby or reception area signs are a great way for your space to align with your unique branding. 

3. Wayfinding and Directional Signs

A rebrand can also include subtle changes in your wayfinding and directional signs. Take a campus rebrand as an opportunity to reevaluate your wayfinding and directional signs. Ensure all your signs on the premises reflect any changes and are consistent with the new brand style, but still give guests and employees the right amount of information exactly when needed. 

4. Rebrand Your Window Graphics

Many rebrands include updating any branded graphics on windows or glass doors. Often used for promotions and branding, window graphics need updating to align with the new brand image and messaging.

5. Rebrand Your Vehicle Graphics

Don’t forget your fleet! If your company has branded vehicles, these mobile billboards must reflect the new brand to maintain consistency and public recognition.

6. Promotional and Advertising Signs

Banners, posters, and other promotional materials should be updated to showcase your rebrand during marketing campaigns and events.


No matter your reason for rebranding, it’s important to reevaluate and update your company’s public persona. And while rebranding is a significant investment, it can help you target new audiences, increase market relevance, and reenergize your audience and workforce. 

Innovative Signs specializes in campus rebrands. We have the industry experience, skills, and machinery to customize each aspect of your rebrand, from fabrication to installation. Each type of sign is critical in reinforcing the new brand identity and ensuring a seamless transition for customers and stakeholders. Check out our portfolio today!