Tradeshows are a great way to create sales leads and communicate your brand.  Tradeshows offer a unique opportunity to reach customers who are interested in your product.  According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research Report 88% of attendees to trade shows have not been seen by your company sales staff in the past year, 70% plan to purchase one or more products, 76% of attendees ask for quotes and 26% of attendees sign a purchase order.

The key to getting the most out of the experience is to target a show that will showcase your business well.  When you consider participating in a trade show find out how much pre-show marketing will be done.  Good marketing by show sponsors will increase value to you as an exhibitor.  Another thing to consider is timing of the show.  Make sure the timing of the show follows the purchasing patterns of your target audience.  And finally you need to consider location.  The majority of attendees will come from a 200 mile radius.  Weigh whether these demographics will help you meet your target audience.

Once you select a tradeshow do not waste the sales opportunities.  Make sure you have a well-designed eye catching booth that showcases your products.  Potential customers should know what you are selling before they enter your booth.  If you do not give a clear picture of what you are selling, many potential customers will walk right by without even stopping.  Make sure all signage is professional, homemade signs are going to leave an impression that you do not have a quality product.

Preparing your sales staff for a tradeshow is perhaps the most important part of communicating your brand to potential customers.  Train sales staff to communicate with potential customers about the value of your product.  Potential customers are coming to you; there is no reason to be reluctant about talking to them about what you have to offer.

With a little preparation your company can make the most of the trade show experience.  Target an appropriate trade show and get busy creating a booth and staff that will help you meet your sales goals.