What are channel letters?

  • Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters that are often times illuminated internally.  They are commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings.
What can be made into channel letters?
  • Basically, any words, letters, numbers or special characters can be made into channel letters.
What colors can be used to make channel letters?
  • The face of the channel letters is commonly made of acrylic — which is available in a wide variety of colors.  There are also other materials that can be used to accommodate custom colors.
What is used to illuminate channel letters?
  • Neon and LED are the two common ways to illuminate channel letters. LED is the way of the future, they last longer, are brighter and much more efficient than neon.
How are channel letters mounted?
  • One of the most common ways to mount channel letters is on a raceway (which contains the electrical wiring and power source). The raceway can be painted to match the wall/surface to which it’s being installed. Another way of mounting would be direct or flush mount.
How do I get started if I’m interested in channel letters?
  • Contact Innovative Signs. We have a great team of professionals who can help with the process and answer any questions.
Who should I contact if I already have channel letters, but need service?
  • Innovative Signs. Our highly skilled team can ensure that your maintenance is performed correctly and quickly.