You’ve made a decision to add a new sign to your building and have a really great idea that you’d like it to be 100 square feet. Or you might want to add a new monument sign right next to your parking lot. You want it big and bright to grab the attention of everyone in the area. But wait, one question: Is that allowed?

Answer: Maybe. There are many local rules and regulations about what types and sizes of signs are allowed as well as where you can put it. And in order to move forward, you will need to make sure you have the proper permits.

Each municipality, town, village, city, etc. has a set of sign code that designates what is allowed. They often do this to create a cohesive look in a specific area or even to make sure that the signs are not causing any visual impairment to drivers.

Trust me, these regulations and rules can get very confusing. If you choose to work with us for your signage needs, we can help. Our project managers work diligently to gain a clear understanding of the sign code, permit fees and any other project requirements. They work closely with cities, counties and local government bodies to handle all of the submittals, paperwork and meetings. This can eliminate project delays and help your signage vision become a reality.
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