Happy Birthday to all of you Pisces out there! (February 19th – March 20th)

For starters, this is all in good fun, I’m not a professional in astrology, but I can provide some insight into some “signs” that may be a fit for your “sign”.
Let’s get started, my Pisces friends:

Strengths: Artistic, Wise, Compassionate, Intuitive
Weaknesses: Fearful, Sad, Desire to Escape Reality
Likes: Being Alone, Visual Media, Swimming

So in my best analysis: Don’t be scared (or sad), it may be time to use your artistic talents to dream up some vehicle graphics for your car or truck! You’re wise, so you know it’s a great investment. And you can spend lots of time being alone while driving around town showing off those vehicle graphics. Seems like a perfect fit to me!

Also, with your wisdom, I know you’ll select the professionals at Innovative Signs to work with. Contact us today! (Or if not, you can always stick with swimming?)